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Communicate with your real estate agency quickly and efficiently

To get a quick response, TheSmarterPlace is your direct access to your real estate agency. Messaging makes it possible. And everything's always at hand: messages, forms, dates, and documents - orderly and safely.

Whether it's the annual financial statement, the invitation to the meeting of the general assembly, agenda items or protocols, TheSmarterPlace makes life easier for condominium owners too with efficient document exchange and fast communication.

We're more than happy to help and can show you how to connect to your real estate agency:

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- I'm amazed at how much easier our communication and organization has become ! -

Erika S., Berne

The community that makes your home easier and more engaging

TheSmarterPlace provides the opportunity of a tenant / owner community, enabling you to connect with your neighbors.

Whether to announce an event on the blackboard, borrow gardening tools or offer your babysitting services, the online tenant community is where everything finds its place.

Direct access to your real estate manager

Useful features make cooperation and communication easier

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