#360°-view of your property

Better real estate data, faster decisions, optimized returns.

Be it real estate managers, owners, portfolio, asset, or facility managers - TheSmarterPlace allows the effective integration of all partners. Well-structured, task-specific dashboards, messaging-based communication, data exchange, and flexible integration into existing IT come together to provide a comprehensive solution.
 Besides, the modular design of TheSmarterPlace allows adaption and effective use for every business size.

Cutting-edge technology

Messaging, Smart Home, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence. With the owner portal, you'll have access to all future-oriented technology for your property.

Property-specific data aggregation

We deliver the data you need for superior decisions. Aggregated from property managers, service providers, and other parties. 

Integration of all essential service providers

We ensure efficient communication and quick data exchange with all essential service providers.