Your Digital Home in One Place.

It's so much more than smart devices.

Use the power of your social network to enjoy your home.
Choose the best products for your home with the help and tips of your friends.
Digitize your home information and start your smart home of the future.
Everywhere & anytime - manage your home on the go.
Coming soon - one platform for all your different smart devices.

I don't want twenty apps for my home, now I have found the one!

Andrea, VA

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Connect With Trusted Friends

for a Happier Home

Find the one friend that has time to watch your kids simply faster! Easily find that friend of a friend who can fix your Toaster. Whatever you need for your home, connect with friends and experts who help you out on TheSmarterPlace.

Your friends are there for you, to help you out and give you tips and recommendations, just ask them. And if you're looking for someone to play tennis this afternoon, one of your friends might have time, too.

The social home platform TheSmarterPlace builds on circles of friends with their interests and their expertise. Add your friends to thematic circles to get fast and trusted tips and help.

With TheSmarterPlace I get honest product recommendations from my friends in a very compact way.

Ursula, Switzerland

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Buy the Best Products

With Tips from Those You Trust

You never get better product recommendations than from your friends. Whether you buy a new fridge, need a new carpet, bed or furniture, your friends will give you the best advice you can get. Take a picture of your product, send it to your circle and get trusted ratings and comments.

Store all the recommendations and tips in your digital home inventory, in the right room, attached to the specific item, so you can access them everywhere & anytime.

It all gets connected – your home, your friends and you can manage it wherever you are!

J.C., Nîmes

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Access your home on any device, anywhere & anytime.

With the web application and the apps you can continually access, create and update all your important information, your to-dos and projects. They're automatically synchronized over all your devices and safely stored on the cloud.

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I'm really looking forward to the integration of smart devices

Reinhard, Germany

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Start Your Personal Smart Home

and Manage it On The Go

Going digital makes the management and upkeep of your home so much easier. Like coffee to go, you can carry your home and all its important data at all times with you, wherever you go.

Build the structure of your home intuitively, easily add rooms and objects, simply attach all relevant information, data and to-dos to the objects themselves and you‘ll have the perfect overview of your home. It‘s catchy

Simply control and manage your ideas for your home with the to-do calendar and e-mail reminders, even include your family and friends to engage them in a task. Free your mind, while your personal dashboard keeps track of all your achievements. It‘s that easy.

Benefits of Going Digital on TheSmarterPlace

To reach your goals, TheSmarterPlace provides you with an app and tons of practical features. And the best: they are all free. And when you need more storage, you simply upgrade your plan.

Share with friends & family

Involve your dear ones in the work & duties around the home you love and share.

Scan your Documents

With the app you scan your documents, warranties and manuals in a snap. Click and done.

Take pictures

Document your rooms and assets simply with snapshots, directly within the app, upload and ready.

Do the right thing

Organize your ideas into smaller steps with to-dos and see them turn into reality.

Boost your performance

Let yourself be reminded of important to-dos, due dates and the like.

Manage your projects

Get inspiration and help with the organisation of your projects.

Synchronize automatically

You do not need to think about it - all your data is synced automatically across all your devices.

Safely in the cloud

Store your important information away from fire, water and theft - on the cloud.

100% ad-free

We don‘t want to spoil your fun with spam ads, therefore TheSmarterPlace is 100% ad-free.

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Enjoy the freedom of a smarter home - go digital with TheSmarterPlace.

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