Efficient communication for

property management that pays off

TheSmarterPlace is the integrated data and communication platform for property managers and their clients.

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The platform for the digitization of property management

Efficient and client-oriented, on all your devices

Messaging guarantees the traceability of all communication
Efficient and transparent processing of property management operations
Efficient integration with administration software already in use
Integrated delivery and storage of electronic owner or tenant documents
Supplementary services for client apps allow to increases the sustainability of your communications

Effective communication.

Comprehensible, status based, fast.

For all property related communications, you only need one platform - TheSmarterPlace.

Easily communicate with an individual customer, caretakers, suppliers or the whole property - everything on one messaging platform. Communication made easy !

With an integrated system for delivery and storage of electronic owner or tenant documents, reading confirmation and interactive events calendar.

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We reduced effort expended for communication and gained time to win new mandates !

Silvia M., property manager

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At any given moment I know where every case stands

Corinne H., Real estate manager