End-to-end real estate management

The data and communication platform in real estate management that connects all parties and their needs digitally.

- This is the long awaited step towards digitization of this industry! -

Reto M., owner and real estate manager

The platform for real estate managementComprehensible, status based, fast.

Whether real estate management, owner, portfolio-, asset- or facility management, TheSmarterPlace facilitates the integration of all players in the property management process.

Clear and task-specific dashboards, messaging-based communication, data exchange and the flexible integration of existing IT turn TheSmarterPlace into a comprehensive real estate management solution.

Additionally, the modular structure of TheSmarterPlace enables adaptation and effective use for every company size.

Internal communication at its best -

quick, straightforward, easy.

Modern digital communication also includes fast internal communications between employees. TheSmarterPlace provides this by way of messaging both inside the company, and with the customers.

The internal workflow gets more efficient, sustainable, traceable - and more fun. TheSmarterPlace makes sure that everyone is of the same standard and creates a joint understanding. Better internal communication leads to more productivity and less stress.

- At any given moment I know where every case stands -

Tatjana K., property manager

Benefits for all involved

Transparent communication and efficient data exchange - a great win for everyone involved

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