End-to-End Real Estate Management

The end-to-end digitalization platform for real estate management precisely adapted to your business.

Up-to-date, digital key figures in the dashboard for property owners Up-to-the-minute key figures for modern owners Targeted communication thanks to automatic recognition of sender and recipient

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Custom made digitalization that boosts your business. As a product or your own platform.

Thanks to its modular structure and interfaces to your infrastructure, the communication, process and data platform TheSmarterPlace offers end-to-end digitalization for real estate companies of any size. 
Whether as a customized product or through code acquisition as your own in-house platform, TheSmarterPlace supports all business models and digitalization strategies of real estate companies.

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INHOUSE ENTERPRISE SOLUTION Modularer Aufbau mit Schnittstellen zur Infrastruktur des Kunden


 Transparent communication and efficient data exchange - a great win for everyone involved.

Condominium owners

Digital, up-to-date document and records access. Centralized and fast messaging communication with your management. Easy coordination between owners.


Fast and efficient contact to your real estate company 24/7. Documents are always available. Communities and services make life more comfortable.


Digital, up-to-date document and records access. Centralized and fast messaging communication with your management. Easy coordination between owners.

Real estate management

Efficiency and cost reductions through task management, digital documents, and the automation of processes. Customer service on all channels.

Asset managers

360° perspective on your management assets, enhanced through IoT and data analytics. End-to-end task management and provider integration.


Effective communication and improved coordination with managers. Task management. Direct contact with tenants and facility management.

Facility management

Data applications and IoT increase the transparency of maintenance of your assets under management. End-to-end communication and BIM integration.

Service providers

Direct communication and demand coordination with clients (management, tenants). Additional revenues and improved service offerings.


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This live demo shows you automatically some tenant questions that you can reply to. Using the virtual smartphone (click on the icon in the bottom right-hand corner), you can send tenants' messages to the demo real estate agency. The message appears immediately on the manager dashboard. You can open it, send a reply, then see it on the phone and correspond back and forth.

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