Digital Transformation Canvas - systematic digitalization planning

Use the Digital Transformation Canvas for real estate for a systematic evaluation of your digitalization efforts. Iterate your plans to success.

- The Digital Transformation Canvas for real estate is clear and easy to use. And that's why it is very efficient. -

Maria S.P., Head of letting services

Digitalization made easy with the Digital Transformation Canvas

Every real estate company will have to decide about their digitalization strategy sooner or later. Only if the digitalization effort is systematically planned and executed, the targets can be reached. Yet for the average real estate company professional consultants are out of the question.

The Digital Transformation Canvas (DTC) for real estate provides a simple but efficient digitalization planning tool for the evaluation and ongoing re-evaluation of digitalization strategies and projects. The DTC is based on the renowned Business Model Canvas created by Alexander Osterwalder. It is based on the five main perspectives of any digitalization effort, customers, competition, data, innovation and value creation.

Customer focus - From mass market to mass customization

Digitalization changes the possibilities and expectations of every real estate customer, be it other companies, tenants or owners.

A strategic and systematic planning of digitalization allows to deviate from standard offers to customized value propositions, supported by digital value chains.

- The digitalization of real estate is still in its infancy. That's why practical tools for strategy evaluation are very welcome. -

Erich M., Eigentümer und Verwalter

Competition - From differentiation to connected value chains

The next supplier is only one click away. This truism of the internet age means also for small to medium real estate companies that added value cannot be created through frontal competition but through the creation of customer and partner networks.

By establishing digital value chains where all levels of the real estate management process are integrated, customer value is created not through dissociation but synergies.

Data driven - finding the best "fish" in the vast data ocean

Data are the new oil, as the saying goes. Yet the real difficulty lies in finding the right data that enhance the company performance and profitability.

Therefore, a digitalization strategy has to incorporate a clear path to identifying important data and to assure the seamless access to it.

- A simple and approved template to systematically evaluate digitalization strategies - that's what has been missing. -

Alessandra B., Freelance property manager

Innovation - More successful and faster through digitalization

A steep innovation learning curve with minimal costs - this is the wholy grail of innovation management. To this end, digitalization provides ideal preconditions to conduct fast experiments and to create testable prototyps in no time, enhancing the time to market for digital innnovations.

- Continous digital innovation in a business with tight profit margins is a significant advantage. -

Viktor M. Rebno, Asset Manager

Value creation is the constant adaptation of the value proposition

The value propositions of products in the digital economy are in constant flux. Integrated in digital networks which are themselves changing by the day, the value proposition must adapt to the changing needs of customers, too.

The Digital Transformation Canvas allows every real estate company to adapt to changing constellations in the market, and to test and monitor implementation efforts on an ongoing basis.

Canvas, webinars, online consulting

TheSmarterPlace provides the following tools and services for the digitalization strategies of real estate companies: 1) Free download of the Digital Transformation Canvas for your own use and an accompanying template for consulting services. 2) Online or on location consulting based on an hourly fee of 150 EUR, and 3) In regular intervals we provide free webinars for specific topics regarding the digitalization of real estate.

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